Grama Janet’s Blanket

Hey everyone! I’m back and better than ever. Life has treated me quite well these past few months, and I can honestly say that I am happy with where I’m headed and the path I’m on. 

So as you may or may not know, I am 17 years of age and a junior in high school. I have been crocheting since I was 10 and in 4th grade. That is 7 years of crocheting already… 7. YEARS.

In that time frame I have made blankets, scarves, shawls, many, many hats and all the little misc. things in between. I have gifted stuff to strangers, babies, cousins, my immediate family… But I realized I have YET to make anything for one of my number one supporters and best friends – my Grama Janet.

Last Friday was payday, and it just so happened I had gotten my Jo-Ann coupons in the mail. YAY! I had been planning to get yarn for my Grama’s blanket for quite some time. I had a sheet of notebook paper that was full of calculations, budgeting, colors and patterns ALL FOR THIS ONE PROJECT (I’ve never thought so hard about a project in my LIFE), and as soon as Sunday came I was off to Jo-Ann Fabrics.

This pattern from Adventures in Thread was the one I had originally planned to use for the project, but as I tried the first row I got lost and kept having to frog. My search for the perfect pattern continued! Then, by wild chance, I came across the Seafarers Blanket (awwwww -angels singing-). It was perfect! The look of the raised ripples created by the back-loop-only crochet method is so beautiful and I knew it was the one I needed to use for grandma’s blanket.

OKAY OKAY Im getting ahead of myself. Let’s take it back a notch.


My Grama Janet has always been very close in my heart. She’s the one that supports many of my decisions and veers me away from the potentially hazardous ones. My Grama, after my Mother, is the one I can talk to about anything and get an honest and straight answer back.

Anyways, her favorite colors are bronze and blue, but since there wasn’t any bronze yarn, I picked out whites and blues for her blanket. She lives right on the river in Yacolt, Washington with my Papa. Literally. Her backyard is a river. That’s another reason I so desperately wanted to find a ripple pattern, because it reminds me of water.

The colors I chose for her blanket were


The colors I chose for Grama Janet. White, Off White, Soft Blue, Royal Blue and Dark Country Blue.

I started the blanket with white, and after 22 rows of white, I’ll switch to off white, and after 22 rows of off white, I’ll switch to soft blue and so on. 22 rows because the pattern is 110 rows long and there’s 5 colors, so 110 rows divided by 5 colors is 22 rows per color!

Progress as of March 14th. I started the project on the 11th. Row 8.

I’ll update this blog post as I make progress on this project.






Update >>>> March 21st, 2018

Progress as of 3/21/18 – 22 rows of white finished. Blanket 20% complete.

Boy, oh boy.

I am so happy that the white is finally done. It’s crazy how boring a new project can get after awhile, especially when you’re doing the same color and the same stitch over and over again. Anyway, I finally added the off white and I will be posting more updates as I finish every color. It has been 10 days since I started the project and I am already 20% done! I hope to have it done by the end of Spring Break (April 8th at the latest).

Tata for now!

Update >>>>> June 26th, 2018

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of an uncompleted task.”
– William James

My intention for this damn blanket was to have it done by Mother’s Day, May 13th. It is June 26th. Mother’s Day was 44 days ago, and I have barely touched the blanket since then.
I have had so much going on, between trying to get school work done, working and sleeping as much as I can. I am fatigued. HA! Get it, cuz the quote? no? okay.

May 13
Progress as of May 13th. Had finally finished the off white portion. 

It’s just super hard for me to function all the time AND focus on sitting and crocheting. If I’m not at work, I’m working out and do you realize how hard it is to crochet on a treadmill? I’ve started countless other projects in my downtime.
Do you ever have a main project you work on but you also have countless other mini projects to work on while your main project takes a break? I think I do it because of how bored I get!
Plus, ADHD is an issue as well.

The thing about color block projects I noticed is that the most exciting part of the whole project is the color changes. I’m not even kidding. Changing colors from the white to off white to soft blue was literally the equivalent of the color transition in a Caron Cake or any other self striping yarn.

June 26
Progress as of June 26th. I don’t even remember when I changed the color to soft blue. That’s bad. 

Anyway, I have to start getting ready for work. I’ll update as soon as I make some progress on the blanket. Thanks for reading!


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