Kissiah’s Rainbow Ripple Blanket

Hey everyone!
So life has been very hectic and I haven’t posted in like a year (not that people follow me or anything though). For one, school was crazy. For two, sports were also crazy. Now it’s 1:18 pm on Sunday, June 25th and I am sitting here on my computer at a loss for words for this blog post. What is a blog? WHATS THE INTERNET?

Anyway, I started a new project like two weeks ago. You can find the pattern on Ravelry under “Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket” by Celeste Young. She did a beautiful job. In the pattern, it calls for a size H (5mm) hook, and worsted weight yarn in 7 colors.

But we all know I don’t follow the rules right?
I used a size J (6mm) hook! MWAHAHAHAHA

For my color scheme, I made a rainbow blanket with each new color separated by one row of white. My colors (in Red Heart Super Saver) were as follows:

My yarn haul. I scored 2 Caron Cakes (Rainbow Sprinkles), a Caron One Pound (Heather Grey), 3 Lily Sugar n’Creams, and my six blanket colors plus a crochet hook all for $40.

1. Dark Orchid
2. Royal
3. Patty Green
4. Yellow 
5. Pumpkin
6. Cherry Red

and for white I just used a Caron One Pound.

When I had bought all that yarn, it was like June 3rd and I wanted to make the blanket for pride on June 10th. Little did I know, that damn blanket wouldn’t be finished until midnight of June 24th *wicked eye roll*.

I decided it would be for my cousin Kissiah after pride came around because she HAD asked me for a rainbow blanket quite some time ago. I really wanted it for myself though because I have yet to make myself a blanket. But the smile on her face when I give it to her will be priceless.

So, on the 23rd, I was running low on red yarn for the end. I was so dang close when suddenly, this happens:

I ran out of red yarn mid-row. My LAST colored row.

Talk about UGH right?! My mom suggested I just complete the row from where it is, but use the white. I almost cried. I couldn’t go get more yarn, and I didn’t really wanna buy a whole new skein for literally 80 stitches. I turned to my crochet groups on Facebook (yes, they exist) and I asked for suggestions. I got many, but I decided to do the one I dreaded the most. I had to frog the whole row and just finish with white. I have a bit of OCD, or Obsessive Crocheters Disorder, and I almost freaked out having only 4 rows of red when everything is supposed to be 5! But it still came out beautiful nonetheless.

Finished product
Even after all the dilemmas, I finished it!

So with this tale of woes and triumph, I present to you Kissiah’s Blanket. I am going to give it to her as soon as possible, and when I do you can bet your hooks there’s going to be pictures of that beautiful girls reaction. Bless her soul.









Alright so Kissiah got the blanket! Her reaction was absolutely heart warming because she has waited for long for this blanket. She wouldn’t even put it down!

Kissiah and Blanket
Kissiah wouldn’t put the blanket down even in the 80+ degree F weather!

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