Genesis the Gemini 

Hey all! 

So yesterday (May 29th) I crocheted a voodoo doll for my friend. It was a simple pattern and was very fun to make. I got it done in literally 3 hours. 

But anyways, Genesis is a doll I made for healing, because Genesis means “beginning.” The Gemini part comes from the date I made her, or her “birthday” if you will (May 29, 2016). 

My friend is about to begin (ha!) a new journey in her life and she needed a little friend to keep her company. That’s where Genesic came to play. 

Make your very own Genesis doll! (I only call it Genesis because the name is relevant to the situation. Customize your very own!)


  • Size G/4.00 mm crochet hook 
  • Red Heart Super Saver in Buff, black for eyes 
  • Tapestry needle 
  • Stuffing (I used old, CLEAN socks ).   


  • I didn’t use safety eyes, I made stitches where it said to put safety eyes. As you can see. 
  • I didn’t make the arms as long as it suggested 

Genesis LOVES to climb trees. 


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