Genesis the Gemini 

Hey all!  So yesterday (May 29th) I crocheted a voodoo doll for my friend. It was a simple pattern and was very fun to make. I got it done in literally 3 hours.  But anyways, Genesis is a doll I made for healing, because Genesis means “beginning.” The Gemini part comes from the date I […]

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The Page Slouch

I made this hat on a Knifty Knitter round loom. The orange one (36-peg) to be exact. I call it the Page Slouch because I made it custom for a guy named Page. That’s me in the picture, though. I used two strands of yarn for the whole hat. I made it by knitting the […]

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Laylàh’s Cuddle Lovey

I made this blanket with scrap yarn I had for a new born girl. It’s not big enough to be a blanket, so it’s a Cuddle Lovey (as I call it). She likes it, but it WAS made with acrylic yarn which is something I have since learned NOT to do when making a blanket […]

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Very Abstract Devin Blanket

This blanket was by far the first project I’ve ever been completely proud of. It was a timely process, cost a lot and took a lot of time and dedication. I gave it to someone (pictured) as a Christmas gift (his mother paid me to do it). Materials: Size I crochet hook Red Heart Super […]

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